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Drama, adventure, romance, all here and all in beginning French!  IBOOKS EDITION




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This is a five star rating on amazon. It is the most engaging story for french learners that you will find.  You will want to keep learning so that you can finish the story!   The book includes a discount coupon for the audio series should you want to add it.

Below are some of the comments left on Amazon.


"I loved this book. It was fascinating to read a complete story (actually a dramatization) in beginning French. I have been trying to learn French for so long and am so bored with these readers that have such trite stories, if a story at all…..
This is a story about a rich woman and a poor violinist. Rich woman loves violinist, violinist runs from rich woman. It was not only engaging it was very funny..."   Nancy.....


By Kelly Long
This is the best book I've read for someone learning French. The terminology isn’t what you would expect in a beginning reader, but I can see that it is necessary to keep the story going. I highly recommend this book for anyone learning French. It does not speak down do you by any means, but instead, gives the you credit for a good deal of intelligence and shows confidence in the reader. I give this book top marks and rate it at the top of it's class.
FIVE STAR RATING By Kindle Customer on July 6, 2014
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There are several books available to beginning learners of French, but this series is unique. It starts with very simple words and phrases, then builds gradually. The story is charming, holds interest, and includes quizzes at the end of each chapter. As tempting as it may be to skip the questions, don't; they reinforce the new words, check your understanding, and reveal to you the progress you're making.